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It was a beautiful morning for a walk. I seized it instantly, grabbing a lone My Little Pony library book waiting to be returned, and headed out the door.

I love being able to walk to the library almost as much as I love using the online account feature to check for titles and place holds. I knew there were several books waiting for me. I did not know which ones. Library book grab bag for the win!

Halfway to my destination, I realized I had forgotten a library card. I did not think it would matter. The account could be looked up online. Walking dogless, another treat, I thought and pondered and cleared my head, or at least swept things around up there.

I am growing well-acquainted with the self-service book hold shelf. I know exactly where my spot is there at the top. Three books were banded together, waiting.

Carrying them to my favorite librarian, I asked if she could look up my account. She said, Yes, you can check up to three books without your card. I had the magic number in hand.

We smiled and made small talk about the weather while bar codes were scanned and entered. She walked my books down the counter, bypassing the electronic sensor.

Heading home I stopped to take an artistic photo, laughing inside at the eclectic nature of my book titles. I have a theory about them that I am pondering for another day.

Waiting to cross the street where the duck nests, I noticed a friendly face waving from a car. Two other drivers stopped at their respective signs and flagged me to pass. We all exchanged smiles and waves, and I was reminded again of why I love my little corner of the world.

I am not the little girl I was with endless hours to hide and read. Sometimes I am ambitious and my reading ideas are bigger than my reading reality. I think I can make a dent, though. I am trying to reach for a book instead of my phone when I have a few minutes free.

I look forward to reading Dare to Lead by Brene Brown, Dopesick by Beth Macy, and to spending a bit of Morning and Evening with Charles Spurgeon.

We will see what happens to the book stack.

How about you, Dear Reader? What are YOU reading these days? What should I add to my queue? Do tell in the comments!!!

6 thoughts on “Book Stack

  1. Barbara

    Sounds like a good trio of books! I am reading “Prayers that Bring Change” by Kimberly Daniels, “Medical Medium” by Anthony William, and “Goddesses Never Age” by Christiane Northrup. I guess I’m looking for some positive changes in my life according to the books I’m currently reading! Ha ha. Thanks for sharing your book titles, Julie!

    1. Julie Post author

      Your titles sound good too! I like how our book choices give us clues to ourselves. My pondering has to do with my enneagram number which I am currently exploring. More on that later. Maybe.

  2. Cynthia Vanderark

    I just love the depth in the simplicity of a walk to the library in a small corner of the world! Thanks for this!!

  3. Julie Post author

    Thank you for your insight and encouragement. The post idea came to me and I began to question. Instead I chose to just write it. Depth of simplicity is a perfect description. Hugs to you.

  4. Theresa Howard

    I would have to join a cloistered convent to read all of the valuable books recommended to me.(smile). I’m desirous of getting more balance from my insatiable pursuit of knowledge and creating more time to dialogue with Jesus in hopes of cultivating an awakened heart. The book my husband is reading to me now is, “Created for Connection” by Dr. Sue Johnson. It is giving us tools to be more attuned and understanding of each others real needs.

    1. Julie Post author

      Oooo! That’s a good title! Yes. I hear you. I also strive for balance and mainly to replace my habit of scrolling mindlessly on a screen for diversion with putting something in my mind. I recently learned how to download audio books from the library which has been fun also. I listen while I work or drive solo in the car. Of course nothing is a substitute for deep silence. Also necessary. You said the worn. Balance. Hugs!


Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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