Blooming in the Crack

I left the tiny shoot alone when I noticed it poking through the curb crack along the road. It grew bigger day by day, and I soon recognized a tiny moonflower leaf. Two larger moonflower plants flanked the side porch steps in the place they took root this year. Moonflowers migrate around the yard, and it is fun to see where they appear each spring.

The plants in the flower beds began putting out copious blooms nightly. The one in the crack worked to bloom a few times a week. Still it bloomed, and I left it. It became my reminder that even if I land on a tiny bit of soil between two cement blocks, I can still bloom, as well.

It is often difficult for me to know how to show up. Right now I am in a place of uncertainty. I feel trapped and penned in on all sides, much like that plant looks as if it could feel. It is not comfortable. Growth rarely is.

I was standing on the front porch talking on the phone, when two ladies walked by chatting. They stopped to notice and comment to each other the novelty of the flower. Hold on a second! I said to my understanding sister. I held the phone away from my face. To the ladies I called, Do you know why I left the flower there? It’s to remind us that wherever we find ourselves planted, we can still show up, bloom, and bring beauty.

I love the simple beauty that is blooming in the crack this year. It is just the visual I need. It is this year’s version of last year’s pumpkin patch. I am grateful.

How about you, Dear Reader? What visual have you been given as a reminder to bring your full self and your beauty to a situation? I would love to hear your story in the comments. Blessings!

3 thoughts on “Blooming in the Crack

  1. Marilyn Frazee

    My visual seems to be my sling! At this time in my life I get to rest in it. Yet, my arm has to come out to do my exercises for my arm, then back in it goes.
    When sleeping in the recliner, all of a sudden it needs to get out of the sling. I undo the clasps, gently guide it out, and rest it on top. It is still there, ready for my return when I am ready, yet my arm needs those moments of doing what it must do, go to a more natural position.
    Eventually there will be no more sling. It does have my arm in an unnatural position and I can’t rely on it forever, but for right now it is necessary and I am thankful! It is my friend!
    The Lord is using this to remind me that I am to rest in Him, depend on Him. That is natural. He is my friend!
    When I plow ahead, do what I think I should do, all in the name of Jesus, but not spend time in His Word, not talk with Him . . . That is not natural.
    Oh how I want to rest in Him . . . Knowing and believing He loves me, will lead me, and I get to rest and follow, walk with Him!
    Looking forward to this day with Him, in my sling!

  2. Marilyn Frazee

    A sling has been given to me at this time in my life!. It is my reminder that I am loved by God even if I am not busy doing what I normally do. I don’t have to perform to deserve His love.

    As I wear my sling my arm is resting, but it does have to come out for exercises during the day. In the middle of the night I wake to get my arm out. Releasing the clasps, pulling away the velcro tabs, navigating the arm gently out, it lands on the sling . . . Free but close by, the sling ready to take the arm back when needed.

    Why this need to be out? The sling is not natural. It is holding my arm in a position it needs to be in at this time. If I left my arm in this position always, my muscles would adapt to being unnatural.

    God has a plan for me, it is natural. He has me resting at this time, learning that I am loved by Him, as I am. My sling is teaching me that I can rest in Him and natural.

    1. Marilyn Frazee

      Oops! Didn’t think my first reply went. Doing things left handed, figured I had to start again! There you have it . . . Lol. Have a fun day with Jesus!


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