Birthday Blessings

Baby girl. My first. Born after a long day of labor. Bursting onto the scene.

It’s a girl! I have my Katie. Which apparently many early 90’s girls wanted. Unique.

Our light chop in protected waters. Busy baby girl. Little hungry puppy dog.

And I wonder why you always wanted a puppy. I’m sorry.

Growing up.

Daddy counted your words. 13 at 13 months. Then they exploded into a vocabulary that couldn’t be tracked.

You still have a lot of words.

Growing up.

The awkward years. Because we were awkward about what we were doing.

Our first.

Thank you for being gracious.

Paving the way.

How the years go by. From awkward new mom to awkward mother of the bride.

I hope you know how loved you are and how much you have taught me about being a mom.

Happy Birthday!




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