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Time with my Bible and journal is something I have held close since at least fifteen, maybe younger. In seventh grade there was mandatory quiet time at the beginning of each Bible class where we were to read a passage referenced on the chalkboard and write our thoughts about it in a spiral notebook, but by fifteen it was something I did just for me.

I have a distinct memory of thinking I knew God loved me when I was fifteen, and since he can’t change, he HAS to still love me now during a time of particular distress. During years of distress. From sixteen to thirty-six. Twenty years is a long time to wander.

Maybe that is one reason I cannot give up on people even when things appear pretty hopeless. God did not give up on me.

I remember the journal that I threw away along with all of my other spiral notebooks and childish writings and hopes and dreams for the future when I was sixteen and preparing to move far away from all I knew and loved. That padded, floral, lined book held what was close to my heart and all that I had to say to, and hear from, God.

I can feel the contents of that journal in my spirit when I remember sitting in the floral club chairs, purchased at a yard sale with my own money, in the lavender basement bedroom in Oakton. That is where I would go for solace and peace. That was my own space.

Thirty years ago I was boxing up hopes and throwing away dreams and beginning to lay the foundation for the walls that would come to enclose my heart. A pile of Glamour magazines made the cut for the moving truck while my awards and achievements and memories did not. The box of magazines hit the curb shortly after we arrived at our destination, 1,100 miles away from all that was familiar.

When is trash pickup here?

I have read through the Bible countless time in several different versions. Last year I followed a chronological reading plan. It was interesting but heavy on the Old Testament for most of the year. It was a welcome relief to hit the New Testament in October.

This year’s plan reads from a different section of the Bible each day of the week. This lines up with how I am trying to restructure other areas of my life to focus on structuring specific areas in the midst of imagining a bigger picture.

What about you? Where do you find inspiration and hope for your heart? Do you follow a particular plan for Bible reading or journaling? I would love to hear about it. Share with me in the comments!


6 thoughts on “Bible Reading Plan

  1. Angela Leffel

    I did the chronological reading last year too. I agree that it was long on the OT. I’m not sure what I’m going to do this year. I’m leaning toward more reflection and memorizing of passages to “chew on” throughout the week. Maybe I will work on one book for a longer period, rereading it several times.

  2. Theresa Howard

    Thanks for the 52 week Bible Reading Plan. I like checking off what I have pondered; however, I give myself the freedom to linger where my heart gets engaged. So, unlike my husband, I have never finished reading the Bible in one year. Fortunately, His Word and friendship are timeless.

    1. Julie Post author

      Absolutely! There is no right way and I love the freedom you demonstrate and offer to me. I am just now connecting things to myself as a teen and this is one of the connections that I have made. It isn’t a burden for me to read and ponder, and in fact it is a delight, and that is something that has been “me” since I was young. Grateful for new insights and newer mercies.

  3. Cynthia

    I love your persistence and perseverance that is so apparent in all of who you are…including your determination to remember that God loves you and has been following you around since before you were born! Thanks, Julie!


Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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