Bears, Believes, Hopes, Endures

That’s what love does.

This morning the bearing feels hard. There is so much to bear, and I’m tired.

Believing seems something abstract. Nice to say, but do I, really?

Hope is my word for this year. The year of hope sounded hopeful on January 1st. These days I feel more Abandon hope all ye who enter here. Oh yeah, now I remember I felt that way by noon on New Year’s Day. I’m still hoping for a lot of things.

Enduring each day, pressing on through the grief, strife, and pain.

That’s what love does.

Even when it’s hard.


2 thoughts on “Bears, Believes, Hopes, Endures

  1. Julie Post author

    Thank you for your faithful friendship and for your patience with my response five years later! Hey! We’re still friends! 😉


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