I sit here in the after. Festivities over. All that has been left undone for months screams at me to get busy, yet there must be space.

Finding a corner to process and reflect, I wonder how this summer will be. I feel more settled, yet still very unsettled.

For months I have anticipated this time that has come ~ and gone.

There is more to come ~ Little Mae’s birthday. My birthday. Teaching Sunday school. Camp. Appointments for the kids. Vacation. Bible School. Stephen Ministry leadership training. Loving my husband and kids in the midst of it all. Loving my friends.

I want to pray and plan and hope about next year.

I want to pray and plan and hope about now.

I want quiet time with God. Quiet spaces. My mind is so loud.

Unplugging into quiet and journals and pens and things between me and God ~ not me, God, and the world~wide~web.

Not everything must be announced and packaged for all to see. Some things can be quiet and hopeful and private.



5 thoughts on “After

  1. Stephanie

    It’s great that you recognize that balance and feel the freedom to unplug and let it just be you and God and a pen in hand. It’s often in those moments that beautiful truths are realized.


Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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