In the shadow of the question where I may never have answers~ or at least the ones I want.

I am a wife of 27 years and mom to 8 kids and a son and daughter-in-law. I am grandma to many feather and fur babies. I married my high school sweetheart, and though ours has not been fairy taleit is becoming more happily ever after. I struggle to be content and to understand that in the arms of my Savior I am enough. Which might be why I have been given this job, rather than any of the other ideas that fill my head of what I could be “if only.” If only I wasn’t where God has me.

Learning to live, and to love, and to come alive to reality looks very different than the fantasy that I have tried to create.

I have tons of scraps to toss into that compost bin!

I am in process.

Trying to figure out, and understand, and realize that I may ever live

in the shadow of the question

as only I can, because of who I am

In Him.


Feel free to be in touch. I welcome your comments and feedback.

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  1. Heather Watts

    I LOVE it Julie! I know your story and it as well as mine and our sisters is one of brokenness to beauty. We are being remade into something our mothers didn’t know and understand and I am sooo very thankful for our stories. This inspires me as I have been told by multiple people in TN, WA, & OK to write or blog. I think what could I say, what do I have to offer, IsabelKate consumes me, but here you are a crazy busy mother of 8 and wife, daughter, and sister doing it – WAY TO GO!!! so very proud of you:0) It is no little thing to put yourself out there.

    Heather Van Gorden Watts
    Zeph 3:17

    1. mommypancis Post author

      I love YOU. Thank you for sharing your heart with me here. I will pray for you as you consider the next step towards using your story to bring HOPE and LIFE and BEAUTY to the world. You have MUCH to offer. And WE have a rare gift given us by our parents as they knew, however imperfectly …never a time when we didn’t know each other. Please give us back our shoe!

  2. Emily Kriebel

    Hi Julie! Somehow I stumbled across your wonderful blog. I guess it was when I saw a post by Mary Thoburn Fusaro. You once shared your room with a rather lost 20 something who was very uncertain about her future with a certain young man…thank you for that. I know it was difficult. But I did love staying with your family…and God used that time to prepare me for marriage to Wayne and our own 7 children. Not a fairy tale either, but God is still weaving… Much love to you, Debby, your dad and mom, and brothers…

    Emily Lott Kriebel Springfield, Va.

    1. mommypancis Post author

      Oh my goodness, Emily! I must rush kids to soccer practice, but I cannot wait to catch up. Poke around the blog, and it was Debbie’s room that you shared. We have spoken of that often wondering of you. Many blessings, Friend, and I would LOVE to hear your story sometime. Big hugs.


Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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