A Daughter’s Desire

My grown-up girl finally has her dog.

A lifetime of longing resulted in a tree of life moment for sure, as the text came through my phone, You’ll never guess what we did last night! I was glad for the picture so that I didn’t have to, you know, guess.

Did you get a dog??!!!

This is huge in my daughter’s world. I am sure she can never remember a time when she did not want a dog. She has always wanted a dog.

We never got a dog.

I will be the first to admit, with the constant flow of babies and toddlers and children and chaos in our home, the last thing I needed was something else to care for. I would be trying to feed a child while someone else was throwing a fit and another was calling for clean socks and someone needed to be wiped and think, If a dog bounded through the room right now, that would be the thing that tipped me over the edge.

One of my saddest mothering moments was when my daughter confessed that her 18th birthday was the first one where she didn’t hold out hope that we would surprise her with a puppy. It’s hard to know you have caused tremendous disappointment in your child’s life.

There is another daughter who longs for a dog. There are no more babies in the house. My firstborn made sure I knew not to hold out just because she never got a dog. In other words, Get that girl a dog!

So we are open to the idea of the right dog at the right time.

Meanwhile, my firstborn will celebrate her one-year wedding anniversary with her husband and the dog that we always said she was free to get when she grew up.

Welcome, Wren!



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