Weekend Away

Sometimes Mama needs a break from the nest. Mama and Papa Mallard were out walking late the Sunday afternoon I returned from a weekend away with my mister. Dewey was waiting for his walk, so off we went.

The ducks strolled near the nest, quacking and roaming. They took off for a brief flight when we approached. The eggs were safely covered. You would never know something was growing in the shade of the shrubbery.

I am grateful for an adult daughter who tended our nest so that Steve and I could get away for a marriage retreat. It was a gift to take time to learn more about our attachment styles, our story together, and all of the things that we know in our head but don’t have time to engage with our hearts.

We returned with a new sense of connection and direction, with more language to use. Refreshed by laughter and caught off guard by tears, we dove back into the life waiting for us. It is a forever dance, living in the tension. We continue to choose to dance together.

1 thought on “Weekend Away

  1. Barbara

    Very cool. Remembering who we are as a couple without all the stresses of life pecking at us can be so eye-opening and refreshing.
    I love that you have ducks close that you can observe. One year we had ducks nest in our yard – (neighbors ducks) – and we’d watch the Mr Duck and Mrs. Duck take strolls in our yard and then Mrs. Duck would return to the nest while Mr Duck would wander around aimlessly without his Mrs. to talk to. It was so entertaining! I was sad to see them leave. They’d sometimes seek respite under my car if it was parked in the driveway and I’d have to shoo them out from under it before backing out of the driveway. You’ve brought back some memories for me. Thank you for continuing to write. Always fun to read.


Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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