Unwrapping the Day ~ Reflecting

It went too fast. Blink. It’s gone.

So much love packed into 24 hours.

So much laughter. Copious tears. Stories and questions and memories.


Time together. Time apart.


God in the details. Let me share a story.

There is always a story.

I have Grandma McClay to thank for buying my big girls each their first American Girl doll. This began the collecting of doll furniture at Gift and Thrift, shopping the sale page of the American Girl website, and a younger sister using ALL of her OWN birthday money to buy Kit for her big sister’s birthday.

The little girls began their American Girl collection with Bitty Babies for Christmas one year. A rescue Just Like You doll from Once Upon a Child was Coco’s first “big” doll. Roo got a big JLY doll for her sixth birthday, and Little Mae began talking about the doll she was going to get when she turned five.

I knew that if I were to get Little Mae a doll, it would be Marie-Grace. Not exactly her name, but so close, with brown curls and blue eyes, it was the one.

One day, close to Christmas, I got on a message board covering all things AG dolls. I typed special in the search box, and a promotional code thread surfaced. It seemed that that day at that moment on the Today Show, a code was being given to get 60% off of a limited number of Marie-Grace and Cecile dolls. Entered on the order page, Marie-Grace could be purchased FROM American Girl for $55.

It worked.

I was stunned. The exact doll I wanted for Mae’s June birthday was on special in December, on a day that I checked, at a price I could afford. I bought it and saved it on the top shelf of my closet until today when Little Mae opened her Marie-Grace doll. A hug from Heaven.

Little Mae and Marie-Grace





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