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Help me to heed wisdom’s instruction.
Place me on the path to life.

Establish my heart in the tempest.
Let love cover over all strife.

The sayings of wisdom are many.
There’s plenty to follow and do.
With knowledge to lay up and wisdom to bring forth,
it’s hard to let my words be few.

In the heat and the stress of the moment,
What’s locked in my heart starts to pour,
and it isn’t a life-giving fountain.
It’s the anger and pain that I store.

Establish my heart in the tempest.
Bring joy as I hold on to hope.
Plant my feet firmly forever.
Be the knot at the end of my rope.

~on Proverbs 10~


Wisdom builds up her house and calls out to come.

She offers invitation to a rich banquet of food and wine.

To grow deeply, leave behind simple things and begin to truly love


These are good things grasped by the wise.

So grab on,
Fear the Lord,
Learn the holy one,

For this is wisdom’s foundation.

~on Proverbs 9~


She calls to the simple.
She calls to the fools;
For wisdom is better than choice gold or jewels.

She loves those who love her,
Rewards those who seek,
Instructs who will listen,
Gives voice to the meek.

Present, possessed, from beginning of time,
Before there was ever a mountain to climb.
Before shape of earth or the world’s primal dust,
Wisdom was there to delight in and trust.

So come now and listen,
Hear truth and be wise.
Come find life and favor,
the ultimate prize.


We all are that person,
that woman, that man,
Running to darkness
as fast as we can.

Deceived and deceiving
and lacking in sense,
We are harmed and harm others
without recompense.

But wisdom is watching.
She’s seen this before.
She knows what will happen
if we walk through that door.

So take time to listen
to wisdom’s advice.
Turn away from temptation,
And try to think twice,

Before moving towards what will
cause pain and death
And leave your heart slain
And your spirit bereft.

~sobering thoughts from Proverbs 7~


Wisdom remembers the meaning of marriage,
It knows what happens when hearts go astray.

The warning is written to read and to ponder,
For those who consider walking away.

A gift and a blessing to be someone’s fountain,
To captivate, satisfy, receive, and be loved.

The heartfelt devotion of a steadfast marriage
Is none other than a grace from above.

~thoughts on Proverbs 5~


I am your child.
Keep me loyal and kind.
Help me to remember this
Deep in my heart.

I struggle often with pain and decisions.
You say if I seek you,
You’ll show me the way.

So here I am seeking
And humbly I’m asking
For your grace to heal me
And offer up strength.

So much I desire is not about wisdom
But about ease and comfort,
Riches and joy.

You tell me far better than these
Is your wisdom,
The thing that no one can take away.

The wisdom you used in founding the earth

Is the same that you offer your children today.

~thoughts on Proverbs 3~