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I want to believe in a future,
in a hope that will not be cut off.
On good days and clear days, it’s easy,
In difficult seasons, it’s tough.

Envy is stirred in a heartbeat.
Discontent enters my mind.
Comparison taps on my shoulder.
Words flow out that are unkind.

I run to escape what reminds me
of all in my life that’s not fine.
I run to escape what I long to forget;
I reach for a bottle of wine.

But wisdom offers direction;
reminds me of things I’ve been told:
To hear the words of my father.
To love Mother when she is old.

So I’m holding on to wisdom.
I’m trusting a bigger plan.
When lies start to whisper, You can’t go on,
the truth reminds me I can.

~truth’s reminder from Proverbs 23~


I try to train my children,
to help them find their way,
but working in the tranches
has left me dry today.

The constant stream of scoffing,
of quarreling, and strife,
has caused me to feel battered
and questioning my life.

I wasn’t very prudent
and didn’t look ahead
to hide myself from danger,
I stumbled on, instead.

And now my heart feels heavy,
it’s tired and it’s torn.
I struggle to believe the truth
that it can be reborn.

~weary thoughts on Proverbs 22 at the end of a long day~


Weigh my heart, Lord.
Look and see what I love
~what drives me on.

The quarreling, fretting about the future,
all that I cannot control, yet you know
~help me cast it on you.

If the king’s heart is a stream of water in your hand,
why should not mine be?
~move it in the direction you want me to go.

Keep me humbly focused on you as I ready my horse.
~the victory is yours.

~a prayer inspired by Proverbs 21~


O cast a vessel down deeply
into the well of my heart.
Help me to draw out my purpose.
To know the best place to start.

Many a vow spoken rashly
has caught my soul in a snare
It’s hard upon further reflection
to know what to process and share.

There’s a searching deep in my spirit.
It’s the lamp of the Lord seeking out
all the painful misunderstood places ~
all the hurt and the fear and the doubt.

So I’m plowing my heart- ground in autumn,
I’m keeping aloof from the strife.
I’m longing and waiting to harvest
The fruit that will come from my life.

In youth we are given our glory,
our strength that is taken away.
In old age we’re given our splendor,
The hair on our head that is gray.

Thank you for sitting with wisdom
For seeing through evil’s disguise
For waiting with me as I wait for the Lord
For helping to open my eyes.

~thoughts for a counselor from Proverbs 20~


I wrestle with a purpose
that doesn’t match my plan.

In all that’s overwhelming,
I find it hard to stand.

I’m not the wealthy,
not the poor.
I’ve deep desires.
I long for more.

And many children, full of need
To guide with words and hope they’ll heed.

Steadfast love is my desire.
Help me through this trial by fire.
Bring knowledge, patience, honesty.
With rest and wisdom, visit me.

~longings from Proverbs 19~


It’s better to eat simply in quiet,
To silence the mischievous tongue,
To let a rebuke settle deeply,
To patiently parent the young.

When you can sit in the silence,
There’s time and there’s space to receive.
Wisdom moves towards the quiet.
Abundant words cause it to leave.

In silence there’s not room to quarrel.
There are no lies to repeat.
There are no hearts to be broken
When silence and discernment meet.

~quieting thoughts from Proverbs 17~