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It’s hard to find the laughter
That lurks among the tears
While trying to make sense of
My journey through the years.

Here at the end of Proverbs,
She sits and waits for me~
An obvious reminder
Of all I cannot be.

Oh virtuous, excellent woman
Your grandiose measuring scale
I’ve tried to measure up to.
Instead, I’ve come to fail.

Many others wiser
Have revealed the mystery of you.
They say you are all about seasons~
Not a to do.

So rather than try to figure it out,
I’ll be open
 what I find.
I’ll learn to speak words of wisdom,
to be loving.
to be kind

I’ll search for and put on the clothing
Of strength and dignity
So I can laugh at what’s to come
The future that will be.

~finishing Proverbs with gratefulness that I’m not identified by my charm or beauty~
~Thank you for joining me on this journey.~


Three and yet four
Always one thing more

Small, and yet wise
Stately while walking
Truth underlies

Give and give
It’s never enough
Such is life
It’s made of this stuff.

~curious? Proverbs 30 explains~


Broken but not beyond healing
Though sometimes in the shatter
It’s hard to keep singing

In the spirit’s struggle, the mouth often joins
To pour out hasty unkind words
At the wrong time
In the wrong place.

Oh for the wisdom to quietly hold back
To process in a place of safety
Trusting fully in the Lord for justice.

~broken reflections on Proverbs 29~


I won’t boast about tomorrow.
I’m not even sure of today,
But I’m tempted to want to figure it out;
To make all the hard stuff go away.

It’s the friends that enter in with me
Who remind me that they are near
Who faithfully sharpen and faithfully stay
Who help when the path’s not that clear.

My heart is often reflecting
What’s going on in my life,
And the things that come out
And the things that I see
Aren’t pretty but laden with strife.

So I’m walking and working and trying
to stay on the path and believe
That attention and knowing and trusting
Will bring provision
and offer reprieve.

descending path

~reflecting on Proverbs 27~


This is a haiku,
But it’s not about nature.
It’s all about fools.

So much to take in
About fools and their folly,
I’m ready to sleep.

Is there a difference
Between sluggard and weary?
I certainly hope.

Everything’s backwards
In the land of the foolish.
I am not joking.

Go read for yourself.
Spend time in this chapter~
Proverbs twenty-six

We all show up here.
In one form or another,
We’ve been there before.

~Proverbs 26~


In building our house, it’s wisdom we need.
Good Sense
These things make us strong.
These go a long way.

They lead us and guide us with hope on the path.

It’s okay to struggle when pressures arise,
To fall and to rise up again and again.
But we won’t give up.
We will hold on to strength.
We will rise and keep trying.
Our future is bright.

~a reminder from Proverbs 24~