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Mama’s Workbasket

It sits in the corner of my favorite place, collecting all that needs attention.

laptop for blogging, books for reading, journals for writing, papers for filing, scraps for art journaling, letters for addressing and mailing

I am always working on it, and it is always full.

Pinterest Corner

I smile at how it is different from other Mamas’ Workbaskets collecting all of their projects.

yarn for knitting, blocks for quilting, clothing for mending, needles for stitching, photos for scrapbooking, crafts for making, toys for sorting, papers for grading…

It’s okay to be different and to have a different kind of work in my basket.

I remember the wisdom from today’s teabag…be yourself.

I’m trying. My workbasket holds much of what makes me…me. It contains projects and work that I value and enjoy (mostly) when I find time and space to tackle them!

How about you? What’s in YOUR workbasket, Mama?

Glimpsing Brilliant Beauty

It’s part of the community experience, I guess. Beauty glimpsed from my bedroom window each late October/early November marking another change of the seasons.

It comes when I am not watching for it.

Sitting in my cozy corner, writing in a journal, or these days typing on a laptop, a brilliant burning glow catches my eye, and there it is. The leaves of Melody and Tina’s tree have changed, inviting me to contemplate the passing of another fall.

It happens in late autumn, when I almost panic wondering if I’ve mindlessly missed the perfect color-change moment.

It’s taken several years for me to embrace the constancy of this change. The rhythm that I can count on of feeling whatever it is I need to feel about fall. There is much inside yet to be felt about this season that I call my favorite. Literally and figuratively.

It reminds me that there is still much to process, but in the midst of the process, I can stop and enjoy the moment of brilliant beauty bursting through the window just for me.

I am grateful for this glimpse of brilliant goodness. Thank you for sharing it with me, Melody and Tina!

Coffee Corner

Favorite Place

It’s my favorite place, my Pinterest corner. The place where, my eldest points out, I can take a picture and make it look like life is perfect.

Coffee with my love. Drinking from our fall mugs. Knowing that whatever this year brings, we will face it together, like we have for the past 21.

Pinterest Corner

It seems I am not the only one who finds refuge and creative energy here.

Where is your favorite place for creating heart space?


My Space

This is my space and the place that I go to write and to think and to get away from the chaos. It’s my own little corner of this big old house.

It seems that someone else likes to squirrel her way here, too. Little Squinch was caught deep in thought on Saturday in my space. With Bluebearie, who is real.


Bluebearie is so real, in fact, that I ended up watching her for awhile while Little Mae did her recycling chore.


That wasn’t enough. however, (it never is), because Bluebearie might get very lonely. So a few friends were added to the mix.

That's better!

Much better. More is always merrier…right?

A Fun Find

Child with a Dove

One of my favorite ways to find space is to poke around Gift and Thrift, a local secondhand store. I stumbled upon this treasure the other day while grabbing a few minutes for myself.

Wandering through Gift and Thrift is always an exercise in self-control (do I really need this item or can I go dig a similar one out of my basement?) and self-awareness (I am drawn to this item, but why?).

When I saw this picture hanging on the wall with the others, I was intrigued. It spoke to me. Taking it down, turning it around, and noticing that the framing was done by a local shop made the $20 price tag (steep for Gift and Thrift) seem more reasonable. The fact that it was a print from Picasso’s blue period was even more compelling, and I bit the bullet and splurged on it.

I love the way that this $20 purchase fits in with the $6 mirror and $15 Pier One wall decals over the bed in our room. I love that the original was painted during a dark time, showing that beauty truly can emerge from brokenness. I love finding just the right thing for my space.

I love the before and after. What do you think? Have you had any fun finds, lately?

DSCN0713[1] DSCN0715[1]

A Cool thing about Composting


The process can be surprising. Sometimes something beautiful emerges from unattended waste materials.

One of my friends is a master gardener who creates seasonal displays at her place of business. What she does as her occupation is unrelated to gardening, yet she brings beauty to her office space using her green-thumb gift.

One fall there were several picture-perfect mini pumpkins on her desk. They were unique and the kind that you would pay extra money for at a pumpkin patch or farmers’ market. I love anything miniature and commented on them. She replied that they had just sprung up out of her compost pile. They were a fun surprise and gift just for her.

What surprise gifts do you see springing from the compost of your heart? What longings are in there sprouting and trying to burst forth? What can you rescue and nurture and grow that has been lying dormant or been pushed aside unnoticed?

Take some time and space this weekend to allow yourself to be surprised by a special gift buried deep inside of your heart just waiting to be set free! Create beauty by discovering even more about who God designed YOU to be.