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So Asa died in the 41st year of his reign. He was buried in the tomb he had carved for himself in the city of David. He was laid on a bed perfumed with sweet spices and fragrant ointments and the people built a huge funeral fire in his honor.
2 Chronicles 16: 13-14

I was intrigued by the theme of death and burial in these verses and by the huge funeral fire built in honor of a long-reigning king. I had been wanting to do a torn paper collage and was encouraged by my friend who sends me inspiration.

Immediately a torn-paper fire came to mind. That’s the word. Fire.

I have an ambivalent relationship with fire. My daughter captures it in writing here. Seriously. Click and read her words and then come back. I’ll wait. You’ll be glad you did if only for the picture.

There’s a fire pit in the backyard that we sit around sometimes. Fall is a perfect season for this. Often antics begin that have me on the edge of my seat with anxiety. Now that there is no danger of littles accidentally tripping into the fire or toppling over, there are reckless bigs who live dangerously with marshmallow torches and cries of watch this!

I have been known to excuse myself to the house when it gets to be too much.

Today I searched through magazines for the colors I wanted to use and began tearing paper and laying out the design. Sky took shape.

Ground and fire followed.

Finally, letters were torn and added to create the title.

Here is the finished page.

It was a fun, messy task. Tearing paper is not for the perfectionist or the impatient. I still have far to go with technique, but with what I hoped to accomplish today, I am pleased.

This journey of creating a page a day in October has been enlightening and life-giving. It is the thing that I want to do all the time and that I hate to finish and put away. I am learning much about myself in the process. How about you, Dear Reader?

What is the thing you enjoy? Where are you in your creative process? What activities feel natural and life-giving and cause you to go Aha! Yes! This IS me! ? I would love to know.