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Flourishing Fitness Routine

Eleven days into 2019, my word of the year finds me settling into a fitness routine. I hope the seeds I am planting this month help my body to flourish as the year progresses.

A key goal I have is to close my exercise ring before noon and to have made substantial progress on my move ring, also. Intentionally taking care of this early in the day keeps me from the friendly 9:30 pm reminder that there is still time to close my move ring with a brisk 45 minute walk.

By 9:30 pm, I want to be snuggled in bed, not shivering in the cold trying to close my final ring. By 8:30 I want to be reading to Mae without worrying about having to go out for another walk afterwards.

To take care of this, I hook the laptop up to the TV in the living room, push the dog bed aside, and do Refit video playlist workouts on YouTube. It has been working for me this week, which is why I have the courage to post about exercise today!

This is what I did this morning.

On Tuesday evenings I attend a live class led by Betsy Dean. It is such a kind space for my body, mind, and spirit. I love live workouts. They have been a part of my story since here.

In addition to the cardio fitness piece, I begin my days practicing Yoga with Adriene.

I find that yoga helps me connect with my body and breath and increase strength and flexibility. I fell off of my regular yoga routine sometime last summer and decided to use January to find a new one.

So there you have one way that my year is starting to flourish. I am taking it day by day, trying not to think too far ahead; holding loosely, yet with intention. It is work, much like cultivating the ground for a garden or laying the foundation for a building.

What about you, Dear Reader? How are you doing 11 days into the year? Did you choose a word or set a goal? I would love to see you in this space or over on the Facebook Page. Check in and say hi! I am grateful for your presence.

Working It Out

At 21 years old I had a seven-month-old girl. A friend invited me to a Jazzercise class held at a church in Pensacola, Florida. I went. It was fun.

That first class, my husband kept baby girl home.  I was excited to be able to exercise, and on the days when he couldn’t keep her, there was a nursery. It would be great to get out and get in shape!

Sure enough, the day came when Daddy had to work during Mommy’s Jazzercise class, so baby girl was loaded into the Fairmont and deposited in the nursery upon arrival at the church.

After filling out all of the official grown-up paperwork that came with being responsible for a tiny human, Mommy claimed her spot on the crowded floor, and began following the instructor’s warm-up routine.

Ahh…This is the life. I have an hour to exercise and not think about anything.

The tap on the shoulder came during song three. That’s the one where you are starting to get moving up the heart-rate curve. It seems that a certain baby girl needed her mommy, and no amount of consoling would work.

Grateful for the attentiveness of the child-care workers in seeking me out and not allowing my sweet baby to go into distress, I gathered my mat, collected my hand weights, and returned to the nursery.

Baby sniffles with red-rimmed eyes reached out and clung to me like a little lemur. Sniff, sniff, shudder. Sniff, sniff, shudder. I patted her back and bounced her up and down a bit, thanking the nursery staff profusely while collecting her belongings.

Little girl balanced on my hip, digging her eyes with lamb blankie, clutching my hair, lest I have the audacity to put her down again.

This motherhood adventure was going to be a little different than I expected. Make that a lot different.

Is there really a week until her wedding?

One week from today will be about getting nails and hair done and preparing for a ceremony and party. That clutching, red-rimmed eyed baby girl will be donning a dress and walking down an aisle to clutch on and cling to someone else. As it should be.

This morning, though, she will Jazzercise with me, completing yet another circle, as we continue the beginning of the endings, while working off a bit of that wine.