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Glimpsing a Dream

My son was disappointed.

The mailing envelope that looked so much as if it could house a performance video he has been anticipating, was for me and housed a devotional.

I was thrilled.

A friend from a season sent me a copy of her book, But God….

I have been wondering where to park next for my time with God. This is a good place. 

I look forward to reading and pondering her thoughts. She shares depth and vulnerability from her own journey and place of pain and offers glimpses of hope and redemption in the midst of intense struggle.

I celebrate her courage, this friend of mine. To realize a dream and grasp it and do it is no small thing. I know this, because I remain in the trying to realize place.

What is it that I dream of doing? Being? Becoming?

I am grateful for the goodness of being surrounded by genuine, imperfect, beautiful people who inspire me to keep trying to dream, even when I may not know what that means or how it feels. I am inspired by those who just do it, like my amazing friend!