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Deliver Me

Deliverance is the theme today, and as I embark upon an uphill year, I’m asking for that from you, Father.

Deliver me.

These words were journaled hastily this morning. Today’s Bible reading plan took me to Job, 2 Corinthians, Psalms, and Proverbs.

Really? Job? The first weeks of school?

I trust that where I am is where I need to be. Full confidence.

He delivered us from such a deadly peril, and he will deliver us.
On him we have set our hope that he will deliver us again.
2 Cor.1:10

Be pleased, O Lord, to deliver me! O Lord, make haste to help me!
Psalm 40:13

The second verse I write on an index card to keep with me through the day. Not exactly sure why, I just know that it’s what I need.


Quiet time is one of my favorite parts of the day. I don’t say this in a holier than thou way or in a prescriptive way but just in an honest way. I treasure my time being still with my Bible. Listening. Drinking that first cup of coffee.

Time is short and morning rolls along at breakneck speed, as we work to get everyone out of the house. By a stroke of amazing kindness, I am left alone at 7:20 with fifteen minutes to spare.

Dewey whines in his crate. I’m not alone. I decide to give him a quick walk up around the block before leaving him for the day. Grabbing a plastic bag, I release and leash him. We leave the house at a quick pace, my heart rate rising to keep up with him.

Around the block and to the top of the street and around that block and, oh no, another dog.

This dog is big and not leashed and barking and jumping at me and Dewey. It’s not a mean dog, and it has an owner that can’t be seen even though the house door is open, and I am loudly trying to get the dog away from mine.

Why did I think this was a good idea? Is running through my head. Really? My fifteen minutes for THIS???

I sweep Dewey up into my arms and carry him off. The dog follows on my heels, jumping occasionally. A girl is waiting on the corner for her middle school bus, and I ask if she knows whose dog it is.

She doesn’t, but listens politely as I recount my frustrating walk and try not to cry as we both watch the big dog squat to do his business. Another on my list of nevers, I open Dewey’s plastic bag and scoop up the pile.

I guess it’s like when you have kids. I say to the girl. It’s a lot grosser when the poops not your own. I hope your day is better than mine has started out being!

Dewey and I race downhill and round the corner to home.

Little do I know what is to come. Lock downs and sadness.

Deliver us.





Dashing Dewey

Who left the gate open?!

These words flew from my mouth as I flew into a panic as Dewey flew out of the yard. No one heard me. How could they? Everyone was settled in the house doing afternoon media time.

Best time of the day.

I had graciously offered to take the puppy outside for a potty break so that my girl could enjoy her media time. Look what that bit of generosity got me!

My mind flew to two middle-school boys walking home from downtown and entering the backyard through the gate. I knew who left the gate open, but there was really no point in wasting valuable energy ruminating and fault-finding when there was a puppy to chase.

Dewey had lived with us for less than a week. He was still trying to figure out his world. This often involved running the length of our chain-link fence and barking at every car that drove past, followed by trying to dig out under gaps between the fence and the ground. He needed a close eye.

Adrenaline coursed through my veins as visions of a small puppy, ignorant of danger, yapping up the road, being hit by a car on my watch ran through my head. I ran faster, holding up a hand at an oncoming car while mouthing please stop! and nodding my head in the direction of an erratic mini canine blissfully darting to and fro across the street.


I ran faster, huffing and puffing and realizing how completely out of shape I am.

He paused to look back.

He paused!


This is exactly what I did NOT want to be doing with a puppy. Chasing and yelling up the road. This was not part of the plan!

Running towards me, Dewey offered a split-second chance to be scooped up, allowing me time to hail a grateful wave to the patient driver who had stopped and waited as I did the Dewey dash.

Friendship Friday ~ Puppy Play

Dewey’s first day with us overlapped with a visit from Wren.

My daughter and son-in-law dropped her off early, giving us time to have a few minutes of conversation about the possibility of a puppy.

If you do bring home Dewey, and he and Wren play together in the backyard, Wren may nip at him, but she is only playing. That’s how she plays with other dogs at the dog park.

I appreciated this heads up for what to expect as she went on to describe other dog behaviors. After our time together, she left with her man, and Wren hung out with us. Sometimes she was in her crate. Sometimes she was in the yard. Sometimes she was chilling around the house. Sometimes, well, that’s for another post.

We left to get Dewey and brought him home.

When we returned, there was much excitement and overwhelm with this new addition to our life. We released the puppies together in the yard to see what would come of it. Would they get along?

Dewey and Wren

Dewey and Wren

Dewey and Wren

Yes, indeed! Their time together was a total success. Much romping and tumbling and barking and nipping ensued, all in the most playful of ways.

One of my favorites to watch was the game of chase that they played in which under the picnic table was Dewey’s base.

Dewey IMG_3712

When Dewey ran under the picnic table, Wren would find a patch of shade and hang out, acting as if she couldn’t catch or get to him until Dewey came running over to be chased again.

My daughter later informed me that Wren is all about the picnic table at the dog park and can get under easily if she wants to, which made their game even cuter.

So Dewey’s first day was full, and by full, I mean, FULL. There is too much to process in a single post, so on this Friendship Friday, it is all about the puppy-cousin love. There is lots of that going on.

Introducing Dewey

Another one of my nevers bites the dust.

walking Dewey

I posted this caption on Instagram with a picture of me walking a puppy. Yes, we now have a puppy.

And a guinea pig.


And a cat whose world is still rocking.


How did this come about?

Those who know me may be surprised by this news. I am not a fan of animals and certainly not puppies. I have shared my firstborn’s story and her disappointment with not getting a puppy in childhood.

Our cat, Zephyr, eased her way into the family via a friend whose husband was found allergic after a sweet little kitty was brought home. On a completely random note, her visit to the vet alerted me to the fact that this year we are the same age. She is 44 in cat years. I feel however old people years are in cat years!

Back to the puppy.

Child 6 has longed for a puppy just like her big sister. As the littles have grown, the possibility of a dog has been considered. We even watched a friend’s dog for a few days earlier this summer to see what it might be like to have one of our own.

We weren’t considering a puppy.

However, one evening two weeks ago, some serious discussion began surrounding the addition of a dog to our family. Lists were made and cases were made and preferences disclosed.

A puppy entered the equation.

An after-dinner family visit to the SPCA introduced us to Dewey on a Wednesday. The following day found us taking Zephyr to the vet for some last minute catching-up on her vaccines. She was supposed to have gone weeks before but disappeared before her appointment, and we had to reschedule.

Thursday also brought the news that there was a family approved ahead of us in line for Dewey. They had been called to alert them to our pending status and to give them a chance to adopt him first.

This caused much angst in our home Thursday night. Prayers went up that if Dewey was the right dog for our family, we would get him. There were many tears.

Friday morning dawned with Wren arriving to be watched for the day. This plan had been on the calendar before the possibility of our own puppy was even a thought. My daughter gave me wise advice and alerted me as to how the dogs might interact if we did, indeed, get Dewey that day.

The little girls and I loaded up in the van at 9:30 to be sure to arrive at the SPCA before the doors opened at 10:00. We sat in the parking lot, waiting.

There was much trepidation when another car pulled in a few minutes later, only to find that it was Daddy in the little car. I was grateful for the moral support.

When the doors opened, we were the first ones in, turning in our completed paperwork. We were approved and Dewey was still there, waiting for us to bring him home.

Baby Dewey Dewey

Which we did.

meet Dewey

Introducing Dewey, our terrier-mix puppy. He was 2 and a half months old when we got him from the SPCA and is an answer to all kinds of different prayers, ultimately working together for the good of our family.