Advent Bulletin Board


Advent ’16 brought this Scripture to mind with the theme of dwelling in darkness. Not only is this time of year a season of physical darkness leading into the bleak midwinter, but it is a season of emotional darkness for those struggling with brokenness and pain. This prompted me to print out a list of painful struggles and use black paper as a background to them.

Stephen Ministry Bulletin Board

As I began to arrange them on the bulletin board, this shape emerged. I grabbed yellow construction paper and added the star and the bits of light radiating from it, giving it the look of a Christmas tree. In the middle is the question, Where are you walking in darkness this season? The base at the bottom reads, Don’t struggle alone. This is a recurring theme in Stephen Ministry!


Scriptures about light were printed out and mounted, as well.


This is Advent’s hope, and the hope I wished to share with those who passed by and pondered the display. My goal with the Stephen Ministry bulletin board is to create space for people to consider, to be curious , and to be comforted.