Risk and Reward

In April, 2014, I took a risk.

I risked writing and submitting my thoughts to a blog written by women I admire, following their guest post submission guidelines.

The seed of this desire was planted last summer, when I first discovered the blog Red Tent Living. Each month I thought, next month I will try to get something submitted by the first, but each very full month came and went with no post.

It was an exercise in kindness and grace for my heart, since I was the only one who knew this desire and the only one allowing the voice of contempt and failure in when I fell short.

I spent much time this year, over these months, learning to quiet that voice.

One April Saturday, working in the yard with my husband, our quiet space in the bigness of life, it came to me that now is the time. I needed to just do it and go to my room and write about the strawberries.

I did it.

I sat in my Pinterest Corner and wrote and figured out how to submit the words.

Then I waited.

I knew that the post may or may not be accepted. I knew that taking the risk of putting myself out there might mean rejection. I knew that rejection of a post does not equal rejection of a person.

I’m telling you, there was a lot I had to learn in life to get to the place of even trying!

Having set a goal and now trying for it, all I could do was wait. The waiting process was a challenge in itself to one who has many voices to settle in her head.

Then it came.

The email thanked me for my submission and said that while May’s schedule was full, my post would fit June’s themes, as well. It would be published the first week of June.

All along, I had told myself, and come to terms with, whatever happened was the right thing and time. Even rejection would be right. To find out that my first real published work would take place the week of my birthday was a huge hug for my heart.

Those strawberry pots? They looked like this last Friday. . .

strawberry pots

And like this on Saturday. . .

empty space

. . .when my girl and boy returned from their honeymoon and took them to their new home.



4 thoughts on “Risk and Reward

  1. Stephanie

    Yay! This brings joy to my heart! I am proud of you for making the space to write your post, and having the courage to submit it! Can’t wait to read it!


Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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