Return of Routine

It’s a bit overwhelming and much to think of jumping back into school and work and schoolwork and the second semester of the school year.

We are no longer thinking about it. We are doing it.

I would like to say that I feel rested and refreshed after two weeks off, but reality is, I don’t. I feel weary.

I am guessing that many of you reading this do, as well.

There is something about two weeks of intense unstructured family time to drain one physically and emotionally. Or is it just me?

There were some good times. Many good times. Lots of really great times.

There were also hard times. Many hard times. Lots of really hard times.

And sometimes good things are hard. Like lots of extended family together.

That can be hard. Even when you love each other a lot.

Because it’s out of routine. There are lots of personalities. There are many expectations both spoken and not. There are many different people on different paths in different states or different countries with different, yet similar, stories all coming together to journey a few miles for a spell on the same path, each equipped differently by their choice of how to cope with the terrain being navigated.

If you are reading this shocked that extended family time could ever be hard, consider yourself blessed with an extra measure of sanctification and grace.

Back to the return of routine.

I am actually looking forward to this in a pushing through the re-adjustment period sort of way. I am not looking forward to dragging myself and everyone else up out of bed in the mornings.

I am trusting the message that God gave me on the back of a restroom stall door on New Year’s Eve while attending an event for First Night, Harrisonburg.

He’s got this.

He’s got me.

He’s got you, too!

2 thoughts on “Return of Routine

  1. Christine A.

    It is sooo good to know this! I received from God, “I’ve got this” at a time I was desperate for an answer to a very real and immediate issue coming 3 months later. Such peace came over me. He DID have the situation well in hand and all worked out. (BTW, God is an excellent midwife) All praise to God who gives us signs and speaks to us when we, in our frailty, need it most!


Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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