Summer flourishes with overgrown flowerbeds. Weeds crowd corners daring to be pulled.

Black-eyed Susans, Coneflowers, and Lamb’s ears compete for space among the unwanted invaders. Climbing the steps to the porch, I succumb to feelings of hopelessness. Why bother?

Remind me next summer when I think hanging baskets are a good idea, that they are really not. I tell my husband and my youngest daughter. I know one of them will remember. The porch is not my happy place right now. Dry hanging baskets only accentuate that fact.

No longer the flower lady, I am the lady with the overgrown house on the corner. Everything feels a mess, both inside and out, reminding me that when one area flourishes, another often suffers. This year it is the landscaping. The gardens. The unfinished porch.

Still the flowers fight forward. They open and bloom and stand their ground. One day I decide to set a fifteen minute timer in twilight’s glow and pull weeds. A stunning before and after rewards my effort. Never mind the thistles and thorns lurking around the corner.

I choose to celebrate the beauty that is in front of me.

1 thought on “Overgrown

  1. Barbara

    Oh, Julie, I am a gardener and I feel your angst. I want all of my flower beds to receive attention and care and yet, when I give them time and attention, I must forfeit time in another area of my life. All of life seems to be a juggling act. Give and take. So, so I press into my passion and let other areas receive less of me so that I can become more of the person I was meant to become as I follow my passion or do I try to give each area equal attention? Balancing – juggling – pursuing – leaning into – and letting go of.
    Life…sometimes it feels so complicated and yet so incredibly beautiful. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and heart once again. You, my dear, are a gem!


Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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