My heart was filled to overflowing yesterday as I celebrated and was celebrated and moved through the day.

From overseas phone calls and visits from friends to texts and postings on facebook to partying with my youngest, it was a full, full day.

My oldest son came home for the weekend. I pulled up next to child three in her car to chat through an open window at a stoplight. A friend was driving through town with her children and hung out at the house for an hour during Little Mae’s party.

So much love.

I received a private message on facebook from a former preschool student who is now a mommy. It melted my heart and put tears in my eyes.

My baby sister wrote words in my honor. Go ahead. Read them here.

Steve got me a strawberry charm for my Pandora bracelet to celebrate this.

The kids gave me 8lb weights and a red moleskine calendar and pen, a journal and a Nook gift card, a little table and a purple ring.  I got a book to read.

They know me pretty well.

My parents fed the kids dinner at their house.

Steve and I met Caleb at the hospital to hang out with our friend who battles Leukemia and sing for awhile. Caleb played guitar. I couldn’t have orchestrated a better birthday party. We laughed. We cried. We were quiet. We sang. We celebrated friendship and hope and possibilities and what is now.

The unknown.

My luvvah and I walked downtown for dinner and ate and talked and laughed and reflected.

Big brother put little siblings to bed.

I ended the day with an overflowing heart and the realization that I am a blessed woman. Thank you to everyone who made the day, and who make every day, special.

Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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