New Day

New day, new week, new beginning, new mercy.

To walk in grace is my desire,
even though the path is messy and cluttered right now.

To clear away all that is unnecessary,
making space for what is coming…

Preparing the way
In my home
In my heart

Longing to press on to find more of my calling.

Caring for weak hearts
Tending sick hearts
Binding up injured hearts
Searching for lost hearts

Loving the hearts of my family with gentleness and kindness first.

Rescuing those abused
Refraining from abusing

Longing to bring a covenant of peace here in my home.

I am trying to figure things out. Help me, Jesus! And in the figuring, help me to keep moving forward in daily life~living.

I desire beautiful branches that cast deep shade for those in my care. To be watered by deep springs. To be deep. To provide safety for nesting hearts. To be beautiful in the garden of God. To be firmly rooted, grounded, planted in him. To remain humble lest pride and arrogance be my downfall.

Rescue me, Father!
From myself first,
Then from the enemy voices surrounding me.
Be my shield.
Reveal your glory.
Hold my head high.
Answer my cries.
Keep me safe.
Watch over me.
Help me to look my enemies in the face
as you cover me with victory and blessing.

Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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