My Sweet Grace on Labor Day

There’s more to the Labor Day story.

Steve and I were in the kitchen cleaning up. He was cleaning up, at least. I was hanging out.

His phone dink-a-doo’d a text announcement. I see that it is our (female) friend, M.

Why is M texting you? I ask.

He has no idea, reads it, then reads it to me.  “Want me to pick you up at 1:00 for some me and you time at my niece’s pool?”

Immediately we know that she has mixed up our numbers which are only one off. We laugh, and I tell him to respond, and he does.

 “I don’t think Julie would appreciate that, though I’m flattered!” 

My phone then lights up, and my friend and I make plans for an afternoon together at the pool where we swim and relax and talk and bake in the sun.

What sweet, hilarious, Labor Day grace.

One thought on “My Sweet Grace on Labor Day

  1. Davene Grace

    Oh my, that could have been very bad. I’m glad it was able to be a moment of hilarity for you, rather than anger! I personally think it’s incredibly funny…but I’m not sure I would have responded with as much grace as you did, if it happened to me… 😉


Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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