Mother’s Day Flashback

From Mother’s Day 2013 on my private blog. Sharing here now.

Mothers Day was amazingly overwhelming. ALL of my children plus 2 special someones were in attendance, totaling 12. That is a lot of people. When we walked to Klines, I almost expected to be stopped and asked if we had a permit to assemble.

Mother's Day


My newly-able-to-feel heart felt many good and difficult things, often resulting in tears. I don’t hide and cry well, but I tried. Busted each time….Mom, are you crying in there?

Monday morning, as I surveyed the fallout from the celebration, Katie said, they should make a morning after mother’s day pill. It was funny. I knew what she meant. I would down a fistful.

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  1. bsebabe

    I FINALLY found this again!! I lost the link, and kept forgetting to ask you about it. Searched my history, and here you are! Going to catch up now….


Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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