Mommy Muscle Monday

The summer of 2013 I decided to strengthen my Mommy Muscles. Here is a recap of that series in one convenient location, for all of you mommies out there!

Mommy Muscle Monday

Mommy Muscle Monday

Active Engagement is just what it says. I hope it encourages you mommies out there who are actually DOING things WITH your children. Please read if you are feeling overwhelmed by that all you are NOT accomplishing around the house with littles underfoot.

Training Little Helpers where I work on alongsiding with my children. If you have ever had a child help you in the kitchen, or wonder how that might look at my house, there’s a story at the end.

Interlude was the kind of week we all have where things didn’t go as planned.

Insanity Workout Version recaps a fun family week.

I wish reveals longings in my heart and a reality check.

Letting Go shows that place that we are working towards as moms.

Learning Together just me and my girl.

Believing the Positive because those negative voices are LOUD!

Switching out Seasons where this series ends and another begins.


Mother's Day '13

Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.