I’m thankful today for fall leaves. Their brilliant colors remind me of the beauty to be found during times of change. The older I get, the more meaningful autumn becomes. I long to display beauty in each life season, and summer’s bloom is beginning to fade.

Welcome beautiful fall!

Little Mae brought a giant maple leaf and placed it on the table, commenting on how much she loved it. I nodded, not thinking much about where she would have found a giant leaf. Then it occurred to me, It was from the tree in our yard.

tree of friendship

Dubbed the Tree of Friendship in honor of my BFF who gave me a sapling years ago, it’s our only tree. I noticed how full the leaves looked and how beautiful the changing colors were. I noticed that there were some scattered on the ground.


I felt grateful.

Grateful for a friendship that has spanned years and seasons.

Grateful for the beauty of a tree with giant, colorful leaves.

Grateful for the dream of a big old house to fix up and fill with kids coming true.

Grateful for seasons and the anticipation of my autumn.

Grateful for the hope of beauty even in change.



Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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