Happy Birthday, Grammy!

I LOVE this lady!

I told her so the day we took this picture.

I love you, Grammy.

Why? She retorted. Brow furrowed in disbelief.

Because you gave me good genes!


She smiled.


That was an acceptable reason.

And she did. Give me good genes. Not to mention that her name is Jean. Well, Janina, really, but that is for a different day.

Just this morning I was stopped by an older couple at my church.


I turned to their direction and answered their call.

You must take really good care of yourself. Do you take really good care of yourself? 

Hesitating I thought to myself, Am I really hearing this? Taking care of myself is something  last on my list and difficult to do and always an effort, and it’s very convicting that I have to answer this honestly right now. In church.

I mean, you look GREAT! Do you do a lot of walking?

Well, yes, I guess I DO walk around a lot. I’m constantly moving and going and keeping up with people.

I mean, for health. For exercise. Do you take time to go walking? To get exercise?

Honestly? Not really, but I am trying. I think I’ve just got really good genes. It’s a grace.

And it is. A grace. Like my hair. Those are the low-maintenance parts of my life, and how kind of God to make them the externals.

But this is about my grammy.

She is 90 something today on her legal birthday (again, always more to the story). I must put the 90 out there, because it is glorious, while respecting a lady’s right to not have all of her secrets exposed.

She gave me good genes, but that’s not the only reason I love her.

I love her honesty. I think I got some of that from her, too.

Grammy, you look GREAT!

I look OLD, she retorts. That’s the publishable answer. There have been other answers that I will cherish in my heart.

I love her spirit.

She loves to read and paint and fiddle with her computer and iPad and learn new things. Just the other day she was cooking up some fish in my parents’ kitchen.


Because she can.

We were in the living room at my parents’ house on the day the above picture of us was taken. The wireless mouse to my mom’s laptop fell on the floor.

Can you pick up my mouse? Or have one of the kids find it?

A mouse?!

A computer mouse.

Oh. I thought you saw a REAL mouse, said one of my children.

Looking over at grammy, I asked, Did you ever think in your lifetime that a mouse would be a piece of technology and not a little rodent?

And times they change, and stay the same, and there is nothing new under the sun.

But there is this gift. The gift of life and of celebrating a long life, well-lived, by continuing to live each day in hopeful anticipation of the life yet to come.

Happy Birthday, Grammy.

I love you because you are YOU!


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    1. mommypancis Post author

      Thank you for your kind words. Those are what keep me writing. It’s my outlet. I am looking forward to checking out YOUR corner of the blogosphere. So glad that our paths have crossed.


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