Friendship Friday ~ Poolside

Another VBS week has come and gone.

Did you know that?

For a third year, I led the preschool KidVid Cinema. There are so many things I could say about the week. I will sum it up by saying God faithfully showed up each day in many surprising ways.

There was much grace.

The week ended with a birthday pool party for friends of my children. We made it family night and took the four not-so-littles. There were many friends of theirs to swim with and friends of ours, as well.

I spent the evening catching up with a dear friend poolside and the two of us connected with someone new. It was a sweet time and a kind ending to a full week.

Is July really over? This day also marks the entry of child three into a new decade of life. I now have only one teenager and three adult children in their twenties!

This post sums up so much of how summer has been. Fast, furious, fleeting, full.

I am trying to lean into the moments of grace and breathe deeply the fragrance of beauty.

4 thoughts on “Friendship Friday ~ Poolside

  1. Kirsten Barr

    We use the same VBS curriculum as you do! I’ve done the opening & closing three years in a row, and still have MUCH anxiety every time, especially on the first day! My introverted self has panic attack after panic attack. But God always meets me there and carries me through it! Rest & recover well, friend. You’ve earned it!

  2. Grace

    Your kindness and words have been the very tenderness my broken heart has needed. Thank you for what I cannot put into words….and for my knotted ball of yarn to help me wrestle through it all! I am not alone and His grace is enough.


Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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