Finding Treasures

Looking below the surface of our porch not only revealed items that no longer served us or assuaged our fears of the worst. It also revealed treasures that we didn’t know were there or that we had forgotten or lost.

When exploring what lies beneath the surface of your heart, prepare to be surprised by what you find. Sure, there may be the scary, unknown, painful, fearful parts, but there might also be hidden treasures, forgotten dreams, lost gifts.

Items that had fallen through the cracks were small kids’ toys and such. There were cries of excitement as panda and leopard were pulled from the debris and returned to their rightful toy bins.

What about yourself have you lost? Be curious about those pieces that feel missing or out of order. When you find them again, it’s exciting to sort them out into the places they belong.

Two large rocks were waiting to be removed and relocated to a more prominent place in the landscaping. Rocks are important to us, and this discovery was meaningful and worth the extra effort it took to dislodge them.

Maybe there are big parts of yourself waiting to be uncovered, dislodged, and put out there for people to see. Maybe there are large gifts hidden inside of you, waiting to be discovered and put on display with some extra effort and work.

The best treasure of all was a tiny glass bottle, half buried in the dirt. It cleaned up beautifully to make a vase for small sprigs of lavender. This, again, was meaningful, as I have an affinity for tiny things.

tiny bottle

Sometimes in the midst of the big mess and destruction, a tiny gift emerges, encouraging you to keep on going. You just have to be willing to look honestly and be open to what surfaces.

Much more can be said about going beneath the surface and doing heart work. It’s challenging, scary, messy, uncomfortable, ugly, and worth it.

For now, I leave you with the hope of treasures to be found before beginning the recovery process.

More to come. Always more.

Until then, rest in the mess.

the mess

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Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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