Fighting Forward

This is what I have been doing these past two weeks while the blog has rested in silence.

Fighting Forward

We all have battles. There are those posted on Facebook or blogged and shared with the world. There are those shared with our closest friends and inner circle. There are those fought in silence. Alone.

There has been much going on.

A friend commented that I haven’t blogged much, lately. I appreciate that she noticed. It’s true. Not since Easter and the coloring of eggs have I posted here. Oh, I’ve written. Just not for public view. I have been present. Just not in cyberspace.

Sometimes there are seasons of private contemplation. Of one~to~one care in quiet, sacred spaces. Of removing shoes and standing on holy ground. Of work done in the secret.

That’s where I have been. In the secret. In the stillness. Fighting forward for hearts ~ my own, those in my home, those in my world.

The battle is not done.

We sang these words in church this morning.

This is My Father’s World is one of the earliest hymns that I remember learning in the small Christian school I attended at the beginning of my educational journey. I want to say that I was in second grade, but Dan Allender would remind me that all memory is fiction. I will call it early elementary school.

All nature sings and round me rings the music of the spheres.

I remember learning what spheres were, and that they were the shape of the earth and the moon and the planets in outer space, as the teacher explained to our young selves the meaning of the song.

That though the wrong seems oft so strong, God is the ruler, yet.

Maybe it is because I have been battling many strong, wrong things over these past two weeks that I felt the words settle deep into my bones and encourage my soul this morning. Maybe it is because I returned from a To Be Told conference yesterday evening with more questions than answers and needed the reminder that I will be equipped for the battles I am called to fight.

Whatever it was, as we sang this hymn, I was reminded of the truth that No one person is enough to achieve the work that God needs to do. (Dan Allender, 4/17/15)

God is enough. I can rest in that as I continue to fight forward.

This is my Father’s world.

6 thoughts on “Fighting Forward

  1. Carol

    Thanks for the reminder. That is where I need to be so much more often than I am. It feels so good really to let go of all the busy-ness and make time and room for the sacredness.
    By the way, I love Fernando Ortega. Great music and wonderful man.

  2. maretta

    This hasn’t been one of my favorite hymns, but at practice last Wednesday night, the word of the last verse really stuck out to me, too. Odd that I never really noticed them in the 35 years that I’ve been singing it. I think it just moved a bit higher on my preference scale.


Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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