Father’s Day Planter 2014

Inquiring minds may want to know about the Father’s Day planter I assembled for Dad this year. Following is a step-by-step explanation of plants chosen and how they were placed.

First, the planter was emptied of all weeds by my mom. I was surprised to find a clean slate!

I chose a Coral Bells plant, 4 Dragon Wing Begonias, 3 white Scaevola Diamonds, and 3 Sweet Carolines. They are in the box alongside the planter.IMG_1117In went the Coral Bells.

coral bells

Next, 3 Dragon Wings. The remaining one will find a home in the back flowerbed.

dragonfly begonia

Time for the Sweet Carolines and Scaevola Diamonds.

zip, zip, zip

And zip, zip, zip . . .

Father's Day 2014

It’s the Father’s Day 2014 planter. Also, the Welcome Home, I’m glad you’re still alive and can talk and laugh with me one.

Dad watched as I put it together.

Afterwards, we walked out back and planted the remaining Dragon Wing next to the Foxglove. 

dragon wing begonia

Then Dad went inside to rest.


What a difference a week makes!

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  1. Stephanie

    You have so many talents! The flowers are beautiful, and how fun to have dad with you as you planted them.


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