Christmas Laughter

It wasn’t feeling funny at 2:00 am. Or at 4:00 when Steve finally went upstairs to sleep with the little girls who were up with the lights on playing in their room. I never went back to sleep. Wait. I guess I did, because by 7:47 it was determined that everyone had waited long enough, and it was time to wake mom and dad and send Little Mae to get Shani.

When adult children are home laughing hysterically over ridiculous international children’s shows at 1:30 am and eager little ones hear sleigh bells at 2, there leaves little room for actual sleep for the real Santa and Mrs. Claus who were up filling stockings and wrapping last-minute gifts and drinking a nightcap or two.

Such is life with bigs and littles in the now of enjoying adult children and the not yet of still having to actively parent several younger ones.

Gifts were opened with relative order and appreciation and cheer. I was moved by the thoughtfulness displayed in the gifts chosen by my husband and children for me. They know and heard me well.

After present time, breakfast was prepared by Steve and Shani. The smell of coffee and bacon began to fill the air while cheeses were sliced in the kitchen and hot dog buns warmed in the oven.

The Edible Arrangement was placed on the table. Thank you, Phil and Doris!


Our traditional Christmas breakfast consists of toasted hot dog buns, bacon, and sliced smoked gouda and cheddar cheese with hot chocolate to drink. The addition of a son-in-law who doesn’t eat pork and my forgetting to purchase turkey bacon resulted in the addition of made-to-order omelets to the menu. An abundance of avocado inspired me to slice it up and add it to the spread.




After breakfast, or brunch if you consider the time, we sat around the table talking and laughing.

Ok, Mom and Dad, answer honestly. Go around the table saying which of us were accidents.

None of our children were accidents. Some God brought into existence through crazy bouts of human passion and some through technical difficulties, but all were planned by him, and we were more than willing to begin sharing some of their more interesting stories.

Ew! No, no, no! STOP!

So the topic changed to remember whens which is always risky family conversation.

But with great risk can come great reward, and we were rewarded with a time of rich laughter and discovery and truth-telling and family stories shared by young and old.

Oh tidings of comfort and JOY.

I have longed for laughter and joy around my table. I have fought for it for years. I have tried and failed miserably. I have felt discouraged by the strife and tension and angst. And there will be more of that.

But for an hour after Christmas breakfast there was lingering and laughter and love.

And it was sweet. And I was comforted. And there was JOY!

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