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Hopeful Hibiscus

Hibiscus, you bloom;


one small orange flower, inviting me to examine more closely for buds.


Sure enough, there they are.


Tiny. Hopeful. Growing.

Your leaves aren’t pretty.

They aren’t lush and full.

I’ve seen you look better.

I’ve seen you look worse.

You’ve weathered a lot.

Winter was hard.

But you escaped brush pile and were given a new home.


Returning to life, I find you now growing, and in your growth you invite me to hope.


Flowers and Showers

May arrived chilly, rainy, wet. I woke to the sound of rain drumming down on the roof and pattering on the windows. Pulling on my ain’t gonna rain no more boots, I prepared for the day.

May Day.

My luvvvah had given me some money to buy hanging baskets for the porch, and I was eager to pick them up after school. They caught my eye yesterday, and when I mentioned it, he wanted to get them right away.

It’s amazing the little things that bring such joy.

sunlight on the porch

Sunlight streaming across the porch after a late-day shower is one of those things.


Hanging flower baskets in a row is another.


And the imperfect view from the corner also brings joy.

Yes, I realize the old oil tank is still there and exposed. There are piles of stone and brick underneath the porch from the project last summer. There is only one white pillar installed. The wood needs another coat of stain.

But the baskets are hanging and beauty is there, and I will choose to enjoy the flowers after the showers.

Welcome, May!

Epiphany 2015

IMG_2842When Advent began, I passed this bookshelf in the upstairs hall and noticed three tubes perched on top of a book. Not thinking much of it, I continued on to the laundry room. They remained there throughout the season, inviting me to take a closer look one day when the clutter was more than I could handle.

I recognized the wise men from a child’s Sunday School Nativity craft. One daughter had set the  cardboard manger scene up in her room, leaving the wise men in the hall to arrive for epiphany.

IMG_2845In another part of the house, on the dining room mantle, three more kings move a bit closer to the living room where the manger scene awaits. One of the camels seems a bit hesitant, though. Could he be looking for someone who was left behind?

IMG_2846That’s better! Now everyone can continue onward to the final destination. There’s only a slight problem . . .

IMG_2847Will they be able to navigate the terrain to find the child?

Anyone for a game of Spot it! living room side table version? Go!

In the Space

My little Gift and Thrift tree is set up in the space. It was purchased for not too much money a few years ago at my favorite thrift shop. I love that the branches stay attached and just kind of fold up, and that it assembles in two pieces.

I am not good about fluffing it to make it look real, though I am not sure how real a plastic tree can look. Once the ornaments are hung, it looks better.

The colored lights are strung, as I am a colored lights girl. Actually, I love the look of both colored and white together, but I also like using what I have, and this is it.

Decorating is not going according to plan. I removed the ornament box from our room when I realized that all we were doing was tripping over it. I know the decorating will happen, I am struggling to hold its timing very, very loosely.

So that is where things stand, and it is hard.

In the grand scheme of life it is not that big of a deal.

In fact, I am hearing a lot of things inside that try to minimize the hope and anticipation that I feel over the small act of unpacking my memories and hanging them for a season as a reminder of God’s goodness and faithfulness to me over the years.

Too much trouble.

Why bother?

There are bigger issues in the world and in other people’s lives.

But this is my life. And these are my issues. And I will continue to hope and wonder.

I will continue to be encouraged by women like this who remind me that it’s okay to hope and to show up in the space slowly and quietly.

Small Spaces

Redemption comes in strange places, small spaces, calling out the best of who we are.
And I want to add to the beauty . . .
Sara Groves

There’s a small space on my bathroom sink corner. Yes. I have my own bathroom sink. It is a small space in this big house that is all mine, and that I try not to take it for granted.

Unfortunately, I take many gifts in my life for granted. Like the “bonus” master bathroom that Steve had put in for us when we did a necessary house remodel several years ago. The contractor suggested a double sink. I had not considered one. I’m so glad he suggested it!

It’s in small spaces like this, in the midst of the large chaotic ones, that I enjoy adding to the beauty.

It’s adding daisies and lavender from the yard to an empty Trader Joe’s sea salt jar. It makes me smile. So does the tiny succulent.

It’s not saying that my life is perfect today and all of my issues have been resolved. It’s not even saying that the rest of the bathroom is clean!

It’s continuing to fight forward and find small graces in small spaces.

It’s where redemption comes.