Birds Bearing Words

Julie, there’s an interesting kind of little bird in the honeysuckle. Actually several of them. Come and see!

I’m busy in the kitchen, sorting groceries, prepping food for the upcoming week. There is meat to process and put away. Marked down for quick sale means taking extra time to wrap and freeze it when I get home.

I’m not surprised that there are birds. We often find the little creatures nesting in the thick honeysuckle that lines the fence. We tease that it is Zephyr’s lair where she hides to pounce on them.

Since this is one of the first spring-like days, it makes sense that birds would show up. It doesn’t make sense that Steve is heading to our room wanting me to join him. I follow semi-reluctantly. After all, there is work to be done!

It seems he is talking about the honeysuckle outside our bedroom window. I wonder if my neighbor, Melody, is having a party. There are shiny silver balloons bouncing in the breeze, blocking my view. That is the first thing that pops into my head as I peer out the window trying to see the odd little. . .what?!!


Sure enough, there are little birds. They are brightly colored and oddly still. I hurry outside, confused.


This sight greets me. These balloons are for me. I notice writing on one and pull it down to read it. Then another. And another. The birds are holding onto words written to me by friends who care.

blue birdIMG_3030

IMG_3029 IMG_3028 IMG_3027

I am overwhelmed.

The first thing that happens inside is I try to figure out and make sense of it. Who? What? When? How?

I know why.

And all clues are pointing to who.

A quick text confirms, and she quickly reassures that she didn’t gossip about me, something that is a given, but that she told some mutual friends I could use some encouragement.

The thing is, every name represented holds a special place in my heart and has crossed my path in a unique way this week, either herself or by means of her husband crossing paths with mine.

I know it’s not random.

This week has been big. It has been hard. There are things in all of our lives going on behind the scenes. In my world I was hit with my word this year in a big way. My heart is in a struggle to believe truth. I was hijacked to a difficult place in my story, and feelings began to return that I couldn’t feel back then.

We are all in process.

Completely separate from the words offered up by these precious friends were those in texts from others who are walking with me through this hard place.

Thank you for battling this out, Julie. You are an amazing, gifted, courageous, war-torn, lovely woman.

Savor the small moments. . .now is not forever.

I am praying for you today. I hear the heaviness, and my heart is aching with you. Be gentle with you.

I know I am not alone. Yesterday, evil wanted me to believe that I. Was. Alone. It was dark and painful and so very hard.

And it is still hard. But I know the truth. In the words of one of my sisters, God is shouting out his love for you out loud.

Thank you for being his hands and feet to me, Sweet Friends. All of you. Those who read, encourage me to keep writing, pray for me, tie balloons to my honeysuckle, text.

You are amazing and help me to. . .

see the beauty

                                                                                            . . . even in the midst of all that is messy.

Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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