A Prayer for the Hurting (from Psalm 94)

You come here with struggles and hurt in your heart. The sun may be shining and people are praising, but you are wondering how to go on. Does everyone else have their pieces together? Yours are falling all over the place.

Do you know you are precious and are not alone? There are others who wrestle with pain and with grief.

I cried to the Lord in a time of deep pain. I cry out to him over and over again.

These words were my prayer once. They still are today.

I invite you to make them yours, as well.

How long, O Lord?
My heart is full of pain.
I cry out.
Please hear.
I lift my hands.
Please see.

If this is discipline,
Please bring the joy.
I beg for relief from these troubled times.

I long to grasp onto you
and trust in your working.
I long to believe what you promise and say.

That you haven’t rejected me.
I am not abandoned.
You will protect and stand up for me.
You will help me keep going.

When I’m tempted to end it,
to slip from the pain and doubt that you hear me,
You love and support,
Comfort and cheer.

My hope is renewed.

God, you’re my fortress, strong and secure.
A place for my heart.
The rock where I hide in complete safety.

Help me to believe you ~ believing is hard.
Help me to trust you ~ trusting means risk.

Risk means not knowing.
Not knowing is terrifying.

I want to know you and your love for me.

2 thoughts on “A Prayer for the Hurting (from Psalm 94)

Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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