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What is this all about? Why Composting the Heart?

Years ago, I was given a Compost Tumbler by my in-laws as they began to downsize their possessions.

It sat in the back yard, empty, mocking me each time I passed it.

We have several neighbors who are the real green deal. They have rain barrels and raised beds and compost PILES or homemade tumblers and actual GARDENS, and they bike places like to the farmers’ market or food coop for organic, local foods.

I felt false EVERY TIME I looked at that thing. We live on a corner, so people would walk down the sidewalk and ask about it. Empty. Nope. No, I don’t garden or actually compost.

Then one day, having had enough of my composting-poser shame, I decided to actually SAVE some organic scraps and DUMP them into the container. I decided to try. I tried a little more and a little more, and it didn’t seem to be working that well (maybe because I didn’t read the official directions until just now), but I was doing it.

I don’t know exactly when it happened, but one day things took a turn for the better and began breaking down into a compost-type substance. I still didn’t do anything with it, but it was there.

Once I began to see progress, I felt encouraged and motivated to try a little more.

The seeds for Composting the Heart were planted many years ago during a conversation with a friend about blogging. We both enjoy writing but were not about to start blogs. I decided that if I did start a blog one day, it would be called The Compost Pile or The Compost Heap. That night I wrote the line where all of the refuse is mixed and stirred together to sprinkle on the seeds of hope in one of my random journals. I closed that particular journal, and it sat empty and alone until April ’13, when the time was right, and I began to blog about Composting the Heart.

If you want to give it a go, here are the basics of what you need to begin heart composting.

You need a bin.

You need air.

You need moisture.

You need to break things down into smaller pieces.

You need green and brown matter.

You need dry matter.

You need heat.

You need to turn it all around.

You need to know something cool.



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Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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